Hey! It's Dan, Ashley and Jack!

      We are a native Nebraskan couple that's just trying to live the Midwestern dream... running a sawmill, of course! We have a mom-and-pop operation, and we're here to take care of you. 

Meet the Crew

Dan Nye - President & Head Sawyer

Dan is a Bellevue native and has been milling wood for over 17 years. His number one goal is to make your project successful...and to keep track of the rest of the crew!

Ashley Nye - Vice President & Director of Marketing

Ashley is originally from a small town in western Nebraska and has grown fond of the sawmilling life. She handles all things digital, and occasionally helps with the daily grind - when the Scheduling Coordinator allows it!

Jack Nye - Scheduling Coordinator & Sawmill Apprentice

Jack is aspiring to help grow the operation. So far his contributions have been minimal...mainly because he's not old enough to use power tools. But we expect to see exponential improvement in the foreseeable future.

Annie Nye - Morale Officer

Annie joined the crew in 2015 and she quickly became known for her sunny disposition and eagerness to help customers. 


Penny, Jenny, Sammy, Holly, and Livi - Official Welcoming Committee

Although “sheepish” by nature, they actually love greeting each customer that turns into our drive!